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JPA Cet avis porte sur : "WHISKY ABERLOUR 18 ANS"

Un velours au goùt subtil et fin: un émerveillement !

FR Cet avis porte sur : "WHISKY LAPHROAIG 10 ANS ÉTUI"

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The land of the mists and mountains, the Highlands and the Islands - Scotland is synonymous with Whisky, its famous export, enjoyed and admired all over the world. This land of contrasts; with its gently sloping hills, rocky coastlines, granite mountains and wild peat bogs gives birth to and nourishes this marvellous spirit. Who but the Scots would create these fiercely individualistic distilleries, so jealously guarding their independence? Lowlands whisky is smooth and herbaceous, while whisky from Speyside overflows with the wild scents of heather and salty, peat fires. If you've never tasted a Single Malt, you've never experienced whisky at its best. Each distillery has its own unique style, flavour and history. Let the Scots seduce you... let the mists roll away!