Terms and Conditions of Sale

In order to formalise our commercial dealings and respect for our clients we have drawn up these terms and conditions of sale. I guarantee this consideration and guarantee that these terms will be upheld.



Designated Name : WINE and CO
Headquarters: 67 Quai des Chartrons - CS 51350 - 33080 BORDEAUX Cedex - France
Registered trading number : 433 450 202 BORDEAUX
Legal representative: Bernard Le Marois

This Website is hosted by AlterWay Hosting  SAS 12 rue Moulin des bruyères 92400 Courbevoie


The present conditions apply to the sale of products in the WINE and CO shop, accessible by internet and by telephone. These conditions are automatically made available to the buyer in the home page of the internet site of WINE and CO.
The buyer has only to click on the terms and conditions of sale to know the terms and conditions of the order, even before starting the order process.
Consequently, the fact of making an order implies complete adhesion, without reserve, with these Terms and Conditions, with the exclusion of all other documents such as prospectus and catalogues, transmitted by the vendor, which have only an indicative worth.
The fact that the vendor does not reiterate the terms and conditions, does not imply that the vendor will subsequently renounce these conditions.
Our offers are exclusively reserved to private customers excluding wine brokers and traders.
Orders are confirmed once invoices are sent out but sure once they have been paid.



Access to the website:

To access the online shop of the website, the client must first choose the country and state in which the order has to be delivered. He also has to select the language of the website. 

The choice of the country in which the order will be delivered determines the prices of the products sold online. In deed, the prices of the products presented online include excise duty, customs duties and delivery costs depending on the country in which the order will be delivered.

Selection of the products

Once the client has accessed the website he can select the products he wants to order and fill his basket on the upper-right corner of the screen. He can whenever he wants to remove products from his basket or modified the quantities of the products by clicking on the corresponding  buttons.   

Once the products are selected, the client can validate his basket by clicking on the « ORDER » button.

By clicking on this button the client agrees and aknowledges to waive the provisions of article 1587 of the Civil Code.

Final process of the orde

A summary of the order appears on the screen. At this step the client still has the possibility to remove products from his basket or to change the quantities of the products by clicking on the  « CONFIRM MY ORDER » button. By clicking on this button, the client aknowledges that he is obliged to pay the amount of his order to receive it.  

The client must then accept these general terms and conditions of sales by ticking the checkbox at the bottom of the screen  and click on the « CONFIRM PAYMENT » button. By clicking on this button the client agrees to pay his order.

Confirmation of the orde

Once the order is finalized, the client will receive by email the confirmation of the order at the email adress he indicated when creating the account.

This email will confirm the essential elements of the order including the products, the prices, and the delivery terms and times.

This email will also inform the client of the terms and conditions according to which he can exercise his right of withdrawal.


Prices indicated are in Euros (€) or in local currency. They are indicated with tax included, excluding duty. While stocks last. Prices may vary if the product is restocked. Prices are subject to misprints and display error.
- Products delivered in United Kingdom: British laws and VAT are taken into account.
-Products delivered in Germany: German laws and VAT are taken into account.
- Products delivered in Continental France and Corsica: French laws and VAT are taken into account.                      - Products delivered in Italy: the prices include the italian VAT and customs duties.                                   -Products delivered in Austria: the prices include the austrian VAT and customs duties

- Products delivered in Belgian: the prices include the belgian VAT and customs duties
In exceptional cases, prices may be expressed excluding tax (in the case of en primeur wines). In this case, VAT will be added at the applicable rate, along with the excise in force at the time of delivery 1 or 2 years after the order has been placed.

Billing: A detailed bill will be provided with the delivery of your order. All bills will be issued in Euros (€) , alongside the equivalent in the local currency of the client.
All bank payments can be made in Euros (€) or in local currency.


Certain references are subject to a minimum order. On the site, this particular condition is clearly specified for all of the references concerned.


It is possible to know in real time the availability of or products on our site. Thus, you are guaranteed to be able to order products which are always available.


Transport costs:
Delivery costs vary according to the type of transport and the delivery destination. They do not vary depending on weight or number of articles. We will offer free delivery for any en primeur order reaching 60 bottles ex.tax. or more (per vintage, 1 delivery address in the UK)Delivered in metropolitan France.

Choice of delivery options:
Certain orders cannot be delivered by the Express transport option, due to the presentation of the bottles. This includes orders containing more than 12 bottles or those which are presented with accessories. All these orders will be delivered using the Standard transport option by Calberson.

During your order, different delivery options will be suggested. You only have to choose!

Normal delivery :
Price : 9£00 for a delivery in France and 18£11 for a delivery into foreign countries Time limit : The preparation and the shipping of the order occurs in the 24/48 hours following the payment of your order. Normal delivery (given to our carriers) takes place within 10 days of your order.
Deliveries of wines outside France are not made in wooden boxes.
In the case of a home delivery by the carrier Calberson, any change of address will be charged 15£.

• Express in France :
Price : 19.90 Euros
Time : 24 hours in France for orders placed before 12am (otherwise 48 hours delay).

Removal in our cellar :
Price: Delivery is for free for all orders removed in our cellar located in Bordeaux ( 67 Quai des Chartrons - CS 51350 - 33080 BORDEAUX Cedex - France)


The carrier delivers to the address indicated by the purchaser at the time of ordering (or in the case of absence a delivery note will be left by the carrier).

Time frames of delivery:
The time frames of delivery vary in accordance to the delivery option chosen and the delivery destination. These time frames begin after the verification of client details and the reception of payment by WINE and CO in the case of non immediate payment, and bank authorisation in the case of immediate payment (on-line credit card payment).
These delivery time frames do not apply to the sale of en primeur wines.

- United Kingdom Express: Day + 72hrs
- United Kingdom Standard: Day + 10 days

- France Express: Day + 24hrs
- France Standard: Day + 10 days
- Germany Express: Day + 48hrs
- Germany Normal: Day + 10 days
- Belgium Express : Day + 24hrs
- Belgium Normal : Day + 10 days
- Autriche Express : Day + 48hrs
- Autriche Normal : Day + 10 days
- Italie Express : Day + 72hrs
- Italie Normal : Day + 10 days

It is expressly stipulated that the time frames of delivery for vintage champagnes are not guaranteed (identified as such on the site).

In all cases, all deliveries will be made within a maximum of thirty (30) days, including the date the order was processed. If it is not possible to guarantee this, the consumer will be informed at the earliest possible time and has the option to cancel the order. An exchange or refund may be possible.

NB: some items (big bottle sizes, Veuve Clicquot Paint Box...) can alter the number of parcels sent with the express delivery service ending up in increasing the delivery costs (i.e. 3 x Veuve Clicquot Paint Box = 3 parcels = 3 x £36.40)



1 - Terms and conditions
As soon as your order form has been confirmed on the site, the price of ordered goods is payable in full to WINE and CO by one of the following methods:
-By credit/debit card (secure on-line payment or communication of the card number, expiry date and the name of the card holder by telephone, or post),
-By cheque,
-By bank or postal transfer,
-By Quick Pay.

2 - En primeur wines
The en primeurs wines will be paid for in two instalments. The first instalment, which includes the total cost excluding tax, is to be paid when your order is confirmed on the site (by means of one of the payment methods indicated above). You will receive an order confirmation email equivalent to a "Certificate of Reservation" as soon as this payement has been done.
The Château and owners are the only persons in charge for the maturing of the wines, date of bottling and release of the wines. If for any reason the Châteaux or owners would decide not to market the wines, WINE and CO would then reimburse the amount you have already paid when placing the order and excluding any other indemnity or damages.
You must update your personal details to be informed by email that your order(s) is available for delivery (1 or 2 years after the order was placed). You will find the outstanding amount of VAT, excise duty and transport costs that must be paid before delivery in the email. You will then have 6 months to give your delivery instructions and pay. A last reminder will be sent out by post to give the taxes, transport costs (if applicable) and potential storing fees that are still due. You will then have 8 days to pay. Past this delay the sale will be cancelled and Wineandco will be free to dispose of the wines ordered. Your customer account will then be credited with the amount paid less 20% deducted in compensation. This amount can be used on your account for a period of 5 years.
We will send the final invoice with the wines showing the VAT rate in use (20% at the present time) and transport costs.
Deliveries of en Primeur wines outside France are not made in wooden boxes

Methods of payment

1 - Internet: secure payment by credit/debit card
A secure procedure for payment over the internet by means of credit/debit card has been put in place. This procedure is based upon the latest encryption technology, the reference for secure payment.
How to order using a credit/debit card on the site?
At the time of payment, enter your card number, and expiry date, these are immediately encrypted in your computer, before being sent over the internet. Thus, no confidential information circulates on the network without prior encryption.
Please Note: only cards which indicate CB, VISA, EUROCARD or MASTERCARD are accepted.

2 - Post: payment by Euro Cheque
a) On the shopping basket page choose to pay by cheque.
b) Make out your cheque to WINE and CO and send it to our registered headquarters: WINE and CO, 67 Quai des Chartrons - CS 51350 - 33080 BORDEAUX Cedex - France.
c) Please print out the Order recap page and send it with your payment.

3 - Bank Transfer
a) In your shopping basket, choose to pay by bank transfer.
b) Authorise that the amount of the order be transferred to one of our bank accounts:

Our bank in FRANCE:
Code banque: 30 002
Numéro de compte: 00000 63 027 T Code guichet: 01 827
Clé RIB: 86
IBAN: FR06 3000 2018 2700 0006 3027 T86


Your rights
As stated in article L. 121-16 of the Consumers Code, France, you have the right to return goods, at your own cost in good condition and in the original packaging with the original bill, within seven days (including the day of delivery), to our registered headquarters indicated in the first article, for exchange or refund.

Regarding the En Primeur wines, you have the right to amend or cancel the order within 7 days from the day you received the pro forma invoice. This delay passed the order will be considered as definitive.

Payment of returns expenses
WINE and CO will not accept to pay the expenses of goods returns except when the two following conditions are fulfilled simultaneously:

The goods received are not those ordered. You have expressed your misgivings regarding your delivery to the carrier (see article 9: Carriage and Responsibility). In this case contact our customer service department, their details are to be found in article 14, and they will organise the return of your product.


All goods are carried at your cost, risk and peril. It is thus in your own interest to verify the contents of your package, and to express your reservations if necessary, at the time of delivery, in the following manner:

On the dispatch note provided by the courier
In all cases inform WINE and CO by means of registered letter to our registered headquarters ( 67 Quai des Chartrons - CS 51350 - 33080 BORDEAUX Cedex - France), or by telephone 00 800 1000 20 20 within three (3) days after reception of the package.

In case of damage when preparing the dispatch or on delivery, WINE and CO will take the necessary steps to organise a new delivery or reimburse the amount paid on the order. Your account would be credited of the amount and the WINE and CO would be debited of the amount. YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BY OUR CUSTOMER SERVICES.

Insurance : For orders higher than 91£ before tax (91 pounds before tax), you will be charged with an additional fee covering the insurance subscribed by Wine and Co, corresponding to 5% of the replacement value of the wines ordered. This participation fee applies for any destination and delivery type (standard or express). This insurance will allow us to reimburse you in case of loss, damage or theft during the delivery process.


Goods remain the property of WINE and CO until payment has been received in full. Ownership of the goods changes once payment for goods is received in full. Once the goods are delivered the purchaser is automatically responsible for them. Transfer of ownership of goods implies also the transfer of risks.


If the payement has not been received in the expiration term and one month after an unsuccessful formal demand, the sale will be cancelled and the down payement will be reimburse to the customer with the possibility for WINE and CO to reclaim the goods already delivered with no loss or damage. In the case of a commercial action an inclusive payement corresponding to 15% of the amount of the order will be applied.


Access and rectification rights
In order to provide a service which can respond to your needs, we need to have some of your personal details (surname, first name, address).
You may receive through the intermediary of WINE and CO, offers from other companies or organisations, or be informed by telephone, post or e-mail of WINE and CO offers.
If you wish to change your details in your account, you should write to our Customer Service department stating your surname, first name and address, or alternatively you can modify your information yourself after you login into your account.
In accordance with the Information Systems and Liberty Law of 6th January 1978, France, you have the right of access and rectification of the data recorded.
It is also possible to modify your information by simply contacting our customer service department by telephone.

Banking information
When you buy on line, your bank details are neither stored nor visible on the internet. It is not possible to intercept the information you send. WINE and CO guarantees the confidentiality of your data, by means of the security server software used (SSL).


We invite you to find an amicable solution with our Customer Service Department, if it becomes difficult to apply the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

WINE AND CO Customer Service Department
67 Quai des Chartrons - CS 51350 - 33080 BORDEAUX Cedex - France
From Monday to Saturday: 8am until 5pm GMT
Telephone: 00 800 1000 20 20
E-Mail: [email protected]

In the case of negotiation failure, the following conditions will apply:

A contract concluded in France by a French consumer from France
The current contract is subject to French law. The current contract is subject to French law; Within the context of interpretation and execution of this contract all litigation will be brought before the residential jurisdiction of the defender or the place of delivery.

A contract concluded by a consumer ordering from a different country in the European union
The current contract is subject to French law. Within the context of interpretation and execution of this contract all litigation will be brought before the applicable jurisdiction as stated in the directives and the rules of the European Union (in particular The Brussels Convention 27th September 1968).


In accordance with article L. 3342-1 of the Public Health Code, France, which stipulates that the sale of alcohol to minors under the age of heighteen (18) years of age is strictly forbidden, you are required to confirm that you are over heighteen(18) years of age, when ordering, by ticking the appropriate box.


If you wish to know the status of your orders (in preparation, has been shipped,etc.) our Customer Service Department is at you service.

WINE and CO Customer Service Department
67 Quai des Chartrons - CS 51350 - 33080 BORDEAUX Cedex - France
From Monday to Saturday: 8am until 5pm
Telephone: 00 800 1000 20 20
E-mail: [email protected]


All picturesused on this websiteare not contractual