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AS Cet avis porte sur : "XAVIER VINS CAIRANNE 2015"

Un peu dur encore

MS Cet avis porte sur : "DOMAINE MUCYN LES ENTRECOEURS 2014"

Un vin très subtil !

Vins du Rhône

Majestic, beautiful and magnificent, the Rhône river powers through the hilly escarpments of the North and dances along the pebbles of the broad Southern plain. From Vienne to the deltas of the Camargue, the Rhône carries a thousand fragrances and more than 25 grape varieties. North of Valence, Syrah (Shiraz) reigns supreme over the red wines of Cote-Rôtie, Cornas, and Hermitage, while Viognier in the whites is synonymous with the exceptional Condrieu. The South with its myriad of villages uses Grenache as the base for most wines, but also cultivates a whole host of Mediterranean grape varieties. Gorged with sunshine, the wines of the Rhône Valley enjoy ripe fruity flavours and smooth, mellow textures.