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GC This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU D'YQUEM 2008"


AJ This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU D'YQUEM 1996"

Ce vin est un vrai nectar.

Supérieur! Both nobel and haughty, this adjective that has been applied to Yquem since 1855 is a pleonasm it seems so obvious that Yquem is, was and will remain the unique Premier Cru Supérieur of Bordeaux. Pleonasm also when one is faced with this colossal sweetness, this monstrous fullness, the creation of which is closer to art than production. Golden by coulour, silk by texture, safran by bouquet and sweet by flavour, Yquem has surpassed "supérieur";it is without comparison, distinguished, eminent and transcending. Noble by name and by nature, it is a Wine among wines.