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  • Pays : France
  • Région : Burgundy
  • Domaine : JOSEPH DROUHIN
  • Millésime : 2005
  • Boire ou garder : Age 2 to 10 years


Musigny is a wine of great purity of colour, with deep ruby-like reflections. The aromas, when the wine is young, are reminiscent of violet and cherry, but it is only with some ageing that the true flavours come out : refined and complex, they take on inimitable nuances of fallen leaves, damp earth, moss and even hints of fur or leather.
At this level, the tasting sensations are incomparable in terms of finesse and harmony. The tannins are quite elegant, while very much alive. Silk and velvet are the main attributes of the texture. rare, exotic woods and candied cherry dominate the aftertaste. Red meat and game are the ideal accompaniments. In fact, the simpler the preparation, the better for this extraordinarily subtle and refined Grand Cru of Burgundy.

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