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OH This customer review is about : "VINA ZORZAL GARNACHA ROUGE 2017"

Un rapport qualité-prix exceptionnel! un rouge avec du caractère mais beaucoup de finesse.

PR This customer review is about : "ALMODI PETIT 2011"

Le rapport qualité prix est top !

The world's third largest producer of wine with the largest area under vine of any country on earth! Welcome to Spain where the wines overflow with sunshine, fruit, colour and flavour. Native Grenache and exceptional Tempranillo form the basis of the Iberian peninsula's magnificent reds - choose between famous Rioja, sublime Priorato or the classic Douro Valley wines. Mountainous Galicia in North West Spain produces some surprisingly good dry whites, and everyone has heard of sherry, from the Jerez area in Southern Spain. This delicious Spanish drink, famous all over the world, entices visitors to the land of tapas.
Sherry is listed in the LIEN-REGION[42,Port/Sherry] section.