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JL This customer review is about : "BRUMONT CHÂTEAU MONTUS 2011"

correspond à mes attentes

ILD This customer review is about : "DOMAINE UBY N°3 COLOMBARD UGNI BLANC "

Fruité . Un vin agréable à l'apéritif entre amis et pendant le repas.

Les vins du Sud Ouest

Belonging neither to the Bordelais nor to the Mediterranean although carrying a characteristic South-western accent, the many vineyards of the South West bring us wines of character. From Bordeaux to Naurouze, from the Massif Central to the Pyrenees, a wide range of soils host typical grape varieties such as the Négrette, the Gros Manseng, or the Duras. Whether robust from Madiran or light from Fronton the red wines are the perfect compliment for the local cuisine. The exceptional Monbazillac, Gaillac or Jurançon open up new horizons for sweet white wine enthusiasts.