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NR This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU LEOVILLE-BARTON 2016"

Légère déception par rapport aux derniers articles de presse. Vin de cabernet tendu et assez sec à ce stade qui s'exprime mieux le lendemain mais qui manque d'intensité et de complexité à ce niveau de prix de classement et de voisinage.

HM This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU LAGRANGE 2012"

très bien, conforme à mes attentes

There are no first growths in Saint-Julien. Instead, Saint-Julien has the satisfaction of being the first prelate of the Médoc: almost all his flock are classed growths.
Wine drinkers on a pilgrimage through the Médoc are inspired to reverence by the sublime gravel outcrop proudly guarded by Beychevelle and Branaire. Here, passing ships formerly lowered their sails (a tradition at the origin of the name Beychevelle); today, voyagers are exhorted to salute. These are solid wines that are the very definition of mellow, the expression of fullness, a symbol of balance. Legions of faithful flock to Saint-Julien's cardinal-red robe to commune with greatness.