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EM This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU FOMBRAUGE 2017"

Vin assez puissant

CD This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU CHANTE ALOUETTE 2015"

La qualité est au rendez-vous. Pas de surprise.

Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the town bearing the name of this saintly wine has watched the boats of the Dordogne carry its wines downstream for many years and has now the wind in its own sails. Its limestone plateau dominates the region, its Merlot flatters every palate. With its healthy readjustment of the classification every ten years, the medieval city hosts the famous ‘Jurats’ and produces, along with its neighbour, the liberated wines of Bordeaux, proud yet humble. Instantly seductive with their dark colour and silky texture, the wines of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol mature gently towards truffle aromas…