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RR This customer review is about : "DOMAINE LAFAGE CENTENAIRE BLANC 2016"

Très intéressant

PR This customer review is about : "CHAPOUTIER BILA HAUT OCCULTUM LAPIDEM ROUGE 2014"

excellent vin pour sa catégorie, mes amis et moi sommes étonnés. Et puis j'aime son nom ...

Grands vins du Languedoc

In this region, the wine belt nestles itself along the sea coast; where it fully expresses its eloquence. These quality wines, on their way to fame, are the new trendy wines of the French viticulture. Both modern and traditional: a sumptuous ensemble of Mediterranean fragrances and well established vinification methods with the aid of a few modern tips. These wines melt the summer warmth of the days, the fresh maritime breeze, the natives’ friendliness full the wealth of Latin cultural…Watch this space!