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JA This customer review is about : "ERMITAGE DU PIC SAINT LOUP TOUR DE PIERRES 2016"

La bouteille goutée est affectée d'un perlant gazeux et ne correspond donc pas du tout a ce qui était attendu.Je demande le remboursement de ce vin,c'est le minimum que l'on peut attendre.Merci de transmettre.

YM This customer review is about : "LES DARONS BY JEFF CARREL ROUGE 2017"

Je l'ai gouté en accompagnant un boeuf bourguignon et je l'ai apprécié malgré son titre alcoolique à 14°

Vins de France

The French flag has three colours and two of them might well be symbols for France's best known and best loved export! After all, France without wine is not really France at all...
But what makes the French love wine so much? Is it the Gallic temperament? A taste for culture and refinement? Or pure chance? Whatever the answer, France is truly blessed with its marvellous soils, grape varieties, savoir-faire and myriad flavours.
The million hectares of vines planted throughout the different wine regions of France provide even the most demanding connoisseur with a host of tempting choices. From Nice to Bordeaux, from Nantes to Strasbourg, come and discover the wine of your dreams or select a favourite bottle for your next party!