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Y This customer review is about : "DOMAINE DES BAUMARD SAVENNIÈRES ''Clos Saint Yves'' white 2003"

J'ai encore qq bouteilles de Clos Saint-Yves 2002: excellent!!!Je souhaite acheter un millésime récent

J This customer review is about : "DOMAINE DES BAUMARD QUARTS DE CHAUME sweet white 2004"

JE NE CONNAISSAIS PAS CE VIN . celui-ci est excellent .

The Baumard Estate is famous for its appellation wines - Anjou (both white and red), Coteaux du Layon, Savennières, Rosé de Loire, Cabernet d'Anjou, and Crémant de Loire. The estate is located in Rochefort sur Loire surrounded by hills, sheltering the vines from the wind. Chenin Blanc vines flourish in the area producing both sweet and dry wines. Harvesting usually takes place in October to ensure the grapes are as ripe as possible. Winemaker, Florent Baumard is also a master of Cabernet-Franc and the exotic Verdhello variety. "Le Quarts de Chaume", Baumard's most famous wine, is what one might call a liquid legend!