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LL This customer review is about : "L'ESPRIT DE CHEVALIER BLANC 2015"

tres bien

FL This customer review is about : "ROSÉ DE CHEVALIER 2016"

J’en gardais un meilleur souvenir peut-être un millésime en retrait

In the middle of Léognan forest, a 35 hectare clearing of vines forms a kingdom of Bordeaux grape-varieties, loyal lieutenants of the Domaine de Chevalier. One of the rare estates at Bordeaux not to bear the title of Château, it carries the sword of nobility and the helmet of courage! It is, consequently, a famous domain, recognised as such, because it is classed in both red and white among the elite growths of Graves and Pessac-Léognan vines, their appellation. The Bernard family, current owners of the domain, have allowed the construction of new cellars and the purchase of parcels to perpetuate the quest for quality introduced by Jean Ricard and which characterises the Domaine de Chevalier.