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D This customer review is about : "CHATEAU SUDUIRAUT white 1998, First Classified Growth in 1855"

exellent avec un foi gras accompagné de figues,sa couleur est parfaite on a le soleil en bouche:que du bonheur

The team of Château Suduiraut are striving towards a unique goal: to make one of the world’s truly great wines.
Today, Château Suduiraut is acknowledged to be one of the finest Sauternes, thanks to a commitment to quality that is uncompromising in the extreme: tailored selection of the plots of vines, grape-by-grape harvesting and faultless control over the fermentation process in each individual barrel.
Nowhere is this meticulous approach more evident than in the drastic selection process when the time comes to make the blend of the different wines. Château Suduiraut is made with a selection of grapes from the most prestigious terroirs.
This great wine boasts exceptional ageing capacity and offers a most harmonious alliance between aromas of flowers and fruit candied and rôti grapes. Above all else, he embodies perfect balance and elegance. The château is a perfect example of 17th century architecture: noble, stately, and full of light. It is surrounded by magnificent gardens designed by Le Nôtre, which make the estate even more attractive.