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O This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU PETIT VILLAGE red 1999"

Lors d'1 diner a l ami louis a paris,restaurant o combien renommé j'ai de couvert cette petite merveille.je me demande ce ke ça donne en 2000!

Château Petit-Village is located on the highest point of the gravel plateau in the heart of the Pomerol appellation. The 10.5 hectares vineyard is in a single triangular-shaped plot.
Combining age-old vine-growing traditions with modern facilities of the highest standard to optimise all that enormous potential without hindering nature in any way whatsoever-that is the challenge we set ourselves at Petit-Village. Today, the vast labours of restructuring the vineyard and renovating the winery facilities are bearing fruit.
Each and every action in the process that leads through to bottling, from picking the grapes by hand to allowing the wine to rest in oak casks, is guided by our sense of values and the fullest expression of the terroir.
Château Petit-Village wines are powerful, yet soft and well-balanced. They have all the incomparable richness and finesse of the greatest wines of Pomerol.