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JG This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU LA LAGUNE 2016"

Vin costaud mais déjà agréable car les tanins sont souples,superbe année

RC This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU LA LAGUNE 2011"


With its long carved-stone building and beautiful gateway, La Lagune is the very model of a Bordeaux Château, as its image on the label attests. A third growth in 1855, Château La Lagune is a classic great Bordeaux. Always oaky and bursting with fruit, it is not just a good value, but a dependable one. Here in this exclusive terroir along the Gironde estuary where the gravel is so fine it's almost sand, Cabernet Sauvignon is the predominant grape, accompanied by a balanced planting of Merlot and Petit Verdot. This property, with its vineyard all in one block, is a veritable benchmark for quality.