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TL This customer review is about : "SARGET DE GRUAUD-LAROSE 2016"


J This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU GRUAUD-LAROSE red 1990, Second Classified Growth in 1855"

Vin somptueux (densité,longueur,etc)que je côterais 98/100

Its maxim, "The wine of kings, the king of the wines" is a coat of arms in itself, proudly displaying the royal status of this wine. Gruaud-Larose extends on 129 hectares, 84 of which are planted with vines and situated at the southern end of Saint-Julien. For a while this expanse, in one undulating block, had received the doting care of a corporate owner; today it is belonging to the Taillan Group and Jean Merlaut who are among the most capable producers in the Médoc. The wine is undoubtedly a model of left-bank winemaking, an austere touch in its youth and leisurely in the evolution of its structure. Modernity is here devoted to an extreme fidelity to tradition.