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J This customer review is about : "CYPRES DE CLIMENS botrytised sweet white 1997"

très sucré, très doux, mais très bon.

The Château Climens, « Seigneur de Barsac »… became very quickly famous and prestigious.
It has been produced very carefully for a long time.
Only five families owned this domain and its surface has not changed since its origin. The name Climens appeared for the first time in 1547 and Guirault Roborel inherited this land from his father. These two names came together and family Roborel Climens enlarged this domain where grapevines were planted in the sixteenth century. Later in 1855 the château was owned by Eloi Lacoste, who took care of his domain and saved it from plague. From 1880 on, family Gounouilhou owned the domain. Lucien Lurton became interested in sauternais and purchased the domain in 1971. Since 1992, Château Climens is owned by Bérénice Lurton.