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DDS This customer review is about : "CHÂTEAU BEAUREGARD 2010 "

Excellent Pomerol d’ine année magnifique

PC This customer review is about : "LE BENJAMIN DE BEAUREGARD 2011"

Bon produit

Created in the XIth century by the Malta knights, the wine area, the tanks and the winery have been entirely renovated. An extensive planting and soils’ drainage plan has contributed to the embellishment of the magnificent Château Beauregard’s terroir: clayey and sandy gravels… The vines, 35 years old on average, are spread on 17.5 hectares and composed of 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Franc. Exclusively hand-picked, the vintages are done using small containers in order to respect the grape berries’ integrity. These are then meticulously sorted out to keep only the ones that will be used to create the Château Beauregard’s wine.