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Les domaines de Champagne

Champagne Deutz' attractive stone buildings nestle against the slopes of the famous Aÿ vineyards. It was created 150 years ago by William Deutz and is today one of the most respected names in Champagne. Champagne Deutz is a small enterprise with a strong focus on quality and consistency. Each step of the winemaking process is carefully supervised from vine to bottle. Grapes come from the very best vineyards and juices from the first pressing are used to make the wine. It spends two and a half years maturing in the house cellars, respecting traditional methods like the "remuage" which is still done by hand, that consists in moving the bottles from a horizontal position to an upside-down vertical one to collect the sediments. Try the "Amour de Deutz", the sparkling, golden prestige cuvée, or the Deutz Brut Classic as a fine example of a high class Champagne.