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P This customer review is about : "''CHÂTEAU MAGNOL'' Cru Bourgeois rouge 2001"

Fantastic wine, opened it today (Dec 2008). No tannines anymore, but full-bodied. Superb with red meat and cheese.

With almost three centuries of experience in the wine business, the Barton & Guestier name is known to millions of consumers worldwide. The brand's expertise, methods and most demanding qualitity control, guarantee quality of rare regularity and reassure consumers in an increasingly complicated market. With the creation of an expert team, consisting of enologists, vine-growers, managers of cooperative cellars, brokers and the Barton & Guestier sales and marketing department, the company developed a close working relationship, based on mutual respect and a "winning-winning" partnership strategy. Being involved from start to finish, from the vine-growing to the bottling, allows Barton & Guestier to adapt its winemaking and buying strategies, vintage after vintage.