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AF This customer review is about : "AMPELIDAE LE S BLANC 2014"

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A This customer review is about : "AMPELIDAE Le K, red 2005"

extraordinaire, qui aurait imaginé que le simple fait de plonger son nez dans un verre au tier rempli de ampelidae K me donne ce déclic. Je suis convaincu que quelques grands domaines ou grands noms devraient en prendre de la graine. Merci pour ce nectar.

The winds of change are blowing through the heart of French viticulture and Ampelidae, (from the Greek word ampelos or vine), is an example of a forward-looking vineyard whose style and identity are based on a diverse and dynamic approach. Situated near Poitiers on an ancient hill, the terroirs in the Marigny-Brizay vineyard are incredibly diverse. Sandy, clay, limestone and flinty or siliceous soils produce a wide range of different and exciting wines. "Le S" made from Sauvignon grapes is sensational while "Le K" (Cabernet) never fails to impress. A commitment to quality combined with technical expertise ensures that wines bearing the Ampelidae and Marigny-Neuf labels are characterised by vitality and style. The Ampelidae vineyard is owned by the family of Frédéric Brochet.