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Les domaines de Sancerre

SANCERRE is first and foremost an isolated hill that rises up in the middle of a serene landscape bathed by the soft light of the Loire river.
The oldest part of the town, built like an amphitheatre on the south-western slopes of the hill towers up to a height of three hundred and twelve meters, dominating the landscape and offering a magnificent panorama.
There is much controversy surrounding the origins of Sancerre. Certain historians attribute it to Julius Cesar, others to a Saxon settlement that is said to have been established during the reign of Charlemagne. It is however certain that its history goes back to the beginning of the Middle Ages, before the year 1000 and that a Castle was erected on this privileged site.
As far back as the XVI century, in 1513 to be exact, the local records mention the MELLOT family, whose life even at that time was governed by the seasons of the vine and the production of wines of excellent quality.
The wines from Alphonse Mellot are produced from the upper Sancerre vineyard, the most famous of which is the DOMAINE LA MOUSSIERE. Its exceptional quality has led to it being officially classified as a unique category amongst the Sancerre wines. The DOMAINE LA MOUSSIERE comprises one single vineyard of over thirty hectares.
Alphonse Mellot, a great winery, a great terroir, probably one of the best Sancerre wines made for any wine lover!